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Autumn is here!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

So this is my first ever blog post. Eeek! I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and with the year we've had so far I thought why not!

So this blog is all about the new season which we've entered - Autumn.

Now that we're all spending more time in our homes over the last 7 months we've all been rearranging our rooms, decorating and trying to make out it feel like our own little oasis in this crazy time we're living in.

So now that the nights are drawing in and spice scent candles are being lit, its time to talk about adding Autumn florals to your home.

Fresh Flowers

If you're looking for fresh flowers this Autumn you cannot miss out on the beautiful oranges reds and yellows which are the iconic colours of the Autumnal leaves about to fall from our Maple trees. You also want to match these colours with the seasonal florals around at this time of year. There is a range of different blooms available at the moment but here are a few of my favs: Sunflowers, Calla Lilies, Celosia and Dahlias. These flowers thrive this time of year and tend to be more reasonably priced due to them being grown in their chosen timing.

Whether you have a smaller bunch of 3 Sunflowers or a large bunch full of a range of different floral blooms, there is no doubt that these autumnal flowers will add a real warming feeling to your home and add an extra wow factor to a sideboard or table.

House Plants

The nation has gone plant bonkers over the past couple of years. From small Succulents to large Fiddle Leaf Fig, Plants are a lovely talking point for your home and have great benefits to your health; which I think we all need a bit of at the moment.

So what are the best house plants during this season I hear you say?

The Satin Pothos

This plant gives a shelf or a boring ceiling corner the wow factor it desires. The plant has trailing vines that will grow quite quickly even without needing a lot of love and attention. To top this plant off, during the Autumnal months the leaf markings turn a silvery shade and give off a lovely glisten.


The Sanseveria Plant is commonly know as The Snake plant or Mother in Law's Tongue. During Autumn the days start to shorten and the darkness begins to linger meaning the weather is cooler than we've enjoyed in the previous season. So the heating is turned on and the windows are closed causing the air to feel stuffy and toxins are allowed to stay in our rooms for longer. This is where the Sanseveria Plant comes into its own! Sanseveria are known for their ability to clean the air of the toxins and also produce oxygen even overnight. Allowing you to enjoy the Autumn months with clean air in your rooms without having to let the cold air in.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers were very rarely used in arrangements 18 months ago, however they are now the must have in arrangements and in vases around the home. They do not only last for a long time but are also far more environmentally friendly then artificial flowers which use plastic.

Due to their growing popularity, the varieties of Dried Flowers are now amazing. From Pampas Grass to Bunny Ears to Dried Roses. However during the autumnal months I think it is lovely to start to add warmer shades of Dried Flowers to unused vases or shelves. Here are just a few examples.

Extra Large Burnt Orange Pampas Grass

Burgundy Dried Palms

Orange Dried Bamboo

Dried Autumnal Wreath

So there we have it, just a few ideas for you to add some cosy floral arrangements to your home! Good luck! 😊

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